To say the Rockit™ apple is ‘unique’ simply doesn’t give the apple the credit it deserves. After all, Rockit™ is incredibly crisp and sweet, ridiculously delicious, and has a tempting head-turning red blush color!

But the first thing you notice when you see a Rockit™ for the first time? It’s small.

Rockit™ is the world’s first pocket-sized apple! This adorable and convenient size is what makes it indispensable to apple lovers. It’s the perfect size for kids, and the kid in everyone. Grab a miniature Rockit™ for an ideal on-the-go snack! They’re fun to eat, right down to the core! All that, and they’re a perfectly healthy choice.

Rockit™ apples are passionately grown in the fertile valleys of Central Washington by the Borton Family, driven by heritage to produce the best tasting fruit available.

Quite simply, this little apple has accomplished the impossible. Rockit™ is everything everyone loves about apples miniaturized into a perfect snackable size.

So next time you crave the perfect apple, remember! Think small, eat well

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