Food Safety

A commitment to Quality and Food SafEty

Food Safety will always be a top priority. We are committed to providing customers with unquestioned safe and quality fruit. In our continued efforts toward high food safety standards, Borton & Sons, Inc. is certified through an industry leader in Food Safety.  We are SQF Edition 8.1 - Level 3 certified, HACCP certified, FDA Certified, and USDA certified at all of our facilities.  In addition, Borton Fruit is also Global Gap certified in all of our orchards. 

The Peace of mind that our fruit is grown, stored and packed with utmost care and commitment to quality and food Safety.

SQF Certification

SQF accreditation shows that our focus on the systematic application of HACCP (Hazard Assessment Critical Control Points) for our warehouses is persistently up to date and tested to ensure the safety of our fruit for our customers. Constant monitoring of our HACCP program by our in-house SQF practitioner ensures that our high standards are always maintained.


GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certification

We have modeled our orchard practices to follow the Global GAP guidelines, maintaining certification to assure that our on-farm and post-production processes are up to international standards. This allows our customer to be secure in the fact that we have monitored our fruit from the orchard until the day it arrives at your local marketplace. 

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We are a member of SEDEX and we are audited yearly to the SMETA standard, which encompasses all aspects of responsible business practices.

 Please see our Ethical Code and Human Rights Policy

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