Red Bartlett

Dark red when harvested, then turning to a beautiful bright red when ripening. Red Bartletts are nicknamed "summer reds" for the time in which their harvest begins. They are crunchy and tart when underripe, finishing super sweet and juicy when fully ripe. They offer a contrast of brilliant, appetizing color and flavor to other pears. 


Culinary Uses

Red Bartletts exhibit much of the same great flavor and culinary characteristics as the traditional Yellow bartlett, but the bright red color adds an aesthetic appeal for a great contrast. Try them sliced in order to liven up a green salad or other fresh recipes. Like their yellow counterpart, the ideal fruit for canning.


Like the Yellow Bartlett pear, the Red Bartlett is a likewise unique pear in that its skin color brightens as it ripens, while other varieties of pears show little color change as they ripen. The Yellow Bartlett’s skin transforms from green to yellow as it ripens, and the Red Bartlett ripens from a dark red to a brilliant red as it becomes sweeter and juicier during the ripening process. Ripen at room temperature. Only refrigerate your pears if you want to slow the ripening process.

Nutrition Info Varietal Card


Pears Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July
D'Anjou   X X X X X X X        
Bartlett X X X X X X            
Bosc   X X X X X X X        
Red D'Anjou   X X X X X X X        
Red Bartlett   X X X X X X X        


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