The Bartlett has that quintessential "pear flavor." Extremely aromatic, juicy and mildly sweet. It is one of the most common pear varieties found in your local market. Bartletts at the grocery store are often green, but once in your home they will change to yellow as they ripen at room temperature.  We harvest our Bartlett pears in August and early September. They are harvested fully mature, but before they begin to ripen in order to preserve a longer lasting fresh pear that is smoother in texture with sweeter flavor.


Culinary uses

Bartletts have a wide range of culinary uses. They are traditionally known as the canning pear. While they are an excellent choice for canning and for many forms of processing, they are much more. Excellent for fresh eating, sliced on salads and paired with cheeses. 



Unlike other varieties of pears that show little color change as they ripen, the Bartlett pear is a unique pear in that its skin color brightens as it ripens. So, how do you prefer your Bartlett pear? Do you crave it crunchy and tart? Go for it when the skin is green. How about moist and mildly sweet? Yellow-green would be for you. Do you desire a burst of super sweet juice? Then let your pear ripen until it reaches a golden yellow hue. Remember, all pears need to ripen at room temperature.

Nutrition Info Varietal Card


Pears Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July
D'Anjou   X X X X X X X        
Bartlett X X X X X X            
Bosc   X X X X X X X        
Red D'Anjou   X X X X X X X        
Red Bartlett   X X X X X X X        


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