Rainier Cherry

The Rainier Cherry is a very attractive, exceptionally large, yellow cherry with bright red blush. The Rainier is named after the highest peak in Washington State, Mount Rainier. This cherry has a distinctive and superior appearance among sweet cherry varieties. Delicately flavored with extraordinary sugar levels, the flesh is pure yellow, very firm and finely textured. A premium niche variety that provides a great contrast with dark cherry varieties.


Our Program 

Borton Fruit prides itself on a very robust Rainier Cherry program. We have a state of the art, fully dedicated Rainier cherry packing line that utilizes the latest technology in optical sizing, color and defect sorting. We grow 2 different types of Rainier cherries. The Early Robin, which is an early maturing variety of Rainier and the first to be harvested, and also the standard Rainier variety, which is second to be harvested. 

Nutrition Info Varietal Card


Cherries Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July
Dark Sweets X                   X X
Rainier X                   X X


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