Share the Health this Holiday Season with DIY Apple Gift Baskets

Tips for Personal, Creative Baskets Brimming with America’s Favorite Superfood

YAKIMA, WA. December 15, 2014 – When looking for an inspired, affordable holiday gift this season, the key ingredient may already be in your kitchen: Apples, a perfect centerpiece for a personalized, create your-own gift basket.

“Apples are affordable, delicious, universally loved and always available – and presenting them in beautiful baskets that you’ve complemented with other personalized gifts makes for a truly creative and healthy holiday gift,” said Lindsay Ehlis with Borton & Sons, Inc.  “Giving apples shows you care about their well-being, and adding extra items means you took the time to make it just for them.”

Ehlis suggests five simple steps for a Do It Yourself (DIY) Apple Gift Basket:

 1. Find an artful basket, “either one you already have or a simple, inexpensive basket from a craft store, closest big box retailer, or even your grocery store.”

2. Fill with healthy, wholesome apples, “red, green and yellow – the more colors the merrier.”

3. Personalize with foods or trinkets your giftee will enjoy, “nothing fancy, simple stocking stuffers will do.”

 4. Consider a theme for the basket—Is the recipient a music aficionado? Bird watcher? Golf addict?  Match the theme to the person—like our suggestions, below.

5. Accent with ribbons, stuffing and personalized labels, “just to make sure they know this was created by you just for them.”

 Looking for inspiration for your DIY Apple Gift Basket? USApple Association and Borton Fruit share four ideas:

 Have a DIY Apple Gift Basket idea of your own? Share on today!



Media: For more information and high resolution images on these DIY Apple Gift Baskets, contact or (509) 823-2727.

Posted December 15, 2014

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