Meet our Mechanical Shop Manager Ron Sears, Borton's Featured Employee of the Month

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit would be nowhere near where we are today without key people like Ron Sears involved in our business.  We are so thankful, and what a time of year to be.  Ronnie is not only our oldest employee on board, but he is a major asset to multiple businesses tied in with Borton Fruit.  It seemed fitting Ronnie would be our featured employee of the month the same month he turned 77 years old.

Ron was born in Terrihutte, IN and lived there until he was roughly 22 years of age.  He was in the Marine Corps right out of high school from 1956-1959.  Ronnie met his wife and they got married in 1962.   During this time they had moved to Kansas where Ronnie got into painting.  He worked for a company that painted new houses for a couple years and then moved onto construction painting, working on high steel, bridges, etc. and travelled all throughout the Midwest while doing so. While living in Kansas, Ronnie and his wife had two children, Debora (55) and Ronnie Jr. (54). 

Work slowed down a bit for Ron and he decided to come out to Washington where his Mother and Step Father had resided.  He worked for Amos Warehouses in Naches Heights (no longer around) as a pack-line mechanic and then worked for Earl Norberg (eventually turned his business into Apple King) as a mechanic on tractors, trucks, etc.   Urging for something more challenging, Ronnie decided to work for Morton’s Supply where he ended up being for 14 years.  “I mostly worked in Hanford taking out nuclear plants, all B Reactor Plants,” stated Ron.  He was also a mechanic for Morton’s on many other projects.  Morton’s underwent some management issues for a while and ended up having to lay some people off, including Ron.  We are very thankful this happened because it brought him to notice an ad we had in the paper; “I applied for the Job and I’ve been here ever since!” said Ron.

Ron started here at Borton in 1992, making this his 22nd year with our company.  He worked out in the shop under another manager who was here for about three years, and then he naturally became our lead role out in our shop.  Ron keeps up on all our equipment for Borton; forklifts, tractors, heavy machinery, etc.  Ron also buys and maintains all machinery for Borton’s other businesses; Borton Construction, Apple Tree Construction, and Apple Tree Resort.  Ron’s role is very important and boy is he kept busy out there.  He has a great team of guys that just get the job done and Ronnie does a fantastic job managing everything. 

Ronnie has enjoyed riding motorcycles since he was about 18 years old.  He’s had many different bikes but the one he owns right now is by far his favorite, “It’s a Harley Davison Sportster,” Ron exclaimed.  Ronnie enjoys spending time with his wife and children and is especially enjoying time with his 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild!  Ronnie has quite the vegetable garden including tomatoes, peppers, green beans, corn and much more.  He’s also currently rebuilding a 1960 Covair, “It’s been about a 4 year project, but I see it being done sometime in the near future,” stated Ron.   A little fun fact about Ron was he played guitar in a few bands back in the Midwest from about 16-25 years old.  He still picks it up from time to time.  When we asked Ron what his retirement plans are he stated he’s not ready to go yet and would get too bored.  Selfishly we’d love to keep him around forever.  Ron has blessed our company and everybody he comes in contact with in so many ways.  We appreciate all you do Ronnie, thank you for so many years of dedication.  You are one huge attribute to Borton & Sons, Inc.

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Posted November 25, 2014

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