Discovery of Harvest

As the saying goes, Borton Fruit is beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel… of harvest, that is.

Borton field operations are closing in on the last push to completing the estimated record Washington Apple harvest of 2014.

With the first week of November coming to a close it marks the harvest finish at the Borton upper valley Yakima ranches, leaving only the Franklin county ranches to focus Company effort towards finishing up on the last Pink Lady® and Fuji apples left to harvest.

Along with the immense volume of apples being collecting in the orchards this year a unique discovery was made during the last sweep of one of the Pink Lady blocks in West Valley.

Currently being called, “the Hybrid” Borton Fruit has submitted samples of this distinctively different  apple to Brandt’s Nursery, who holds the licensing rights to Chance-Seedling varieties  found in Pink Lady® orchard blocks. After these apples are tested for parentage variety identification, the new discovery might just be the next new Apple to compete for the Consumer’s desire.

Posted November 07, 2014

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