Meet Tom McClellan, our Featured Employee of the Month for October

Yakima, WA – Borton has been featuring a key employee each month to allow our customers to meet the people within our business that truly do make our company run.  Tom McClellan is our featured employee of the month for October and he has been an enormous benefit to Borton in the 23 years he has been with us.

Tom’s career in the fruit industry began long ago, prior to coming to Borton Fruit.  His interest started in the orchard machinery business as he was a sales manager for an equipment dealership for a few years.  He then went into manufacturing and sales of a controlled atmosphere storage equipment distribution company that distributed products worldwide and was in that role for 6 years.  During this time he came in contact with John Borton, one of the current owners of our company.  John began purchasing items of need from Tom while he was here.   He then moved into a sales and marketing manager role for a company that specialized in the design and construction of fruit packing and storage facilities for 6 years.   As you can see from his background, Tom was a benefit to Borton Fruit from the beginning!

The consistent travel began to wear thin on Tom.  Not to mention he had married Laura and had 5 children he wanted to see grow up.  John had asked Tom if he would be interested in a job here and Tom took the role, coming into the newly developed sales department here at Borton Fruit.  Tom has since then managed some of our largest accounts here in the Borton Sales office and has long lasting relationships with a number of his customers.  His witty personality is one of the best parts about Tom.  He always knows how to lighten the mood in this high energy and fast paced environment.    Tom has been a key role in our sales department for the past 23 years and we are very thankful for his ambition in everything he does. 

We asked Tom what keeps him going and he said, “My wife Laura of 43 years, raising our 5 children and now enjoying our 7 grandchildren.”  He then went onto say, “My priorities are set by my Faith, Family, and a need for money to buy food!” Anybody who knows Tom knows he will always throw in that little piece of dry humor and nobody in our office would take that away.  We all love him for it.

Thanks Tom for everything you do for Borton.  You have been a very big part of this company’s expansion and have brought so much to the table.  We appreciate all you do!



Posted October 31, 2014

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