WAC International Representatives tour Borton orchards

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit hosted a delegation of Washington Apple Representatives that was made up of Market Representatives from across the globe and included participation from all the major markets that Washington exports apples to.  “The Washington Apple Commission Reps are very important to the success of Washington apple exports around the world.  These representatives of our industry abroad are our eyes and ears in the marketplace as well as the Washington apple brand ambassadors.  They are building the Washington brand,” States Eric Borton, our VP of International Sales & Marketing.   Through coordination of marketing campaigns and the development of relationships with importers, retailers and major market players in all the countries that we ship, these reps are great assets to our industry.

On October 9th, Borton Fruit gave the Apple Commission delegation an orchard tour, helping to educate them on Washington State growing practices and highlighted both new and old farming techniques.  There were key Market players from all over the world, some countries included Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the United Kington.  “Being able to host such a group and provide a hands on experience in our apple orchards was a great opportunity.  It is important for all of the WAC personnel to understand the entire growing, packing and shipping process so they can advocate our fruit from firsthand experience and knowledge of actually having been to Washington orchards and understanding the growing process,” said Eric.  We tried to show the group many different aspects of growing apples and the practices used in our orchards.  “For Example, explaining how we determine when an apple is ready to harvest, by showing the differences in sugar and starch levels in the apples and also why it is important to harvest an apple at the optimal maturity.  We also tried to present the difference between older orchards and new high density orchards, providing an understanding of how the Washington industry is continuing to evolve and working to improve quality and efficiency year in and year out.  I think it was a great opportunity for everybody involved,” stated Eric.

Borton Fruit is very thankful to have been a part of this.  Anything that we can do to help the WAC reps be best equipped to help our industry grow our exports is valuable. 

Posted October 16, 2014

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