Meet Sam McCoy, Our Featured Employee of the Month!

Borton & Sons, Inc. is so thankful for all of our hard working employees, and we wanted to feature somebody this month that truly keeps things flowing throughout our business in so many ways on a daily basis.  Sam McCoy interned here at Borton Fruit back in October of 1995 and began working full time after finishing college.  “It’s hard to believe that what started out as a simple internship has turned into a 19-year career,” states Sam.

Dean Crow hired Sam as an accounting intern while he finished college.  “For my first few years I oversaw a few accounting projects on computers that didn’t run Windows let alone the Office suite,” says Sam.  Since the early 80s, Borton Fruit has relied on custom software to account for all the apples we store, pack and sell.  Dean Crow wrote the first iteration for the program in the early 80s.  It was re-written twice more in the late 80s and mid-90s.  “In the late 90s I knew that I wanted to develop software and Borton’s had a need for much of their software to be re-written.  I’m grateful that John and Bill took a chance on me and allowed me to develop for their company,” says Sam.

In 1999, Sam started developing the 4th and current version of this custom software known simply as; Fruit Program 4.0, or FP4 for short.  “This program is a comprehensive fruit accounting software package heavily relied upon throughout our company at multiple facilities.  The software processes data from numerous inputs: receiving, packouts, processor, inventory, sales & shipping, purchase orders, accounts receivable, grower settlements and payroll.  The software also integrates with numerous third party applications used throughout our business today to enhance versatility,” states Sam. 

In addition to ongoing development, maintenance and support to our very amazing Fruit Program, Sam also manages a very hard working IT team earning his title of IT Director & IS Developer.  “This staff works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our IT infrastructure working as intended, which is no small task,” credits Sam.  “I’m continually impressed with their knowledge, attention to detail and out-the-box style of thinking.”

When Sam’s away from the office, he spends a majority of his time with his beautiful wife Carrie, and his daughters Genevieve (8) and Jocelyn (7) and son, Jonah (1).  Sam also enjoys road biking and snowboarding in his free time. 

Borton Fruit wouldn’t be near what we are today without Sam.  Since his time here, he’s truly showed how much he cares about his work and how intelligent he really is.  So many departments rely on his expertise on a daily basis.  His hard work pays off every day in some way by making everybody else’s job easier.  We don’t know what we would do without you Sam and are so thankful for every moment of your time spent here. 

Posted September 29, 2014

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