Dean Crow is our Featured Employee of the Month!

Borton Fruit is beyond grateful for all of our key employees that contribute so much to our team.  This month’s featured employee of the month has in many way’s conquered tasks thrown his way and taken on many important roles within Borton Fruit since he started here in 1979.  Dean Crow, formally titled Controller, has done it all.

Dean began working for the company back in August of 1979.  “I developed the first general ledger system which was computerized in 1981,” States Dean.  He made sure all bills were paid and payroll checks were written.  As the years went by and more personnel were added to the team, Dean started creating the beginning of our fruit program which has since been developed by Sam McCoy, our programmer. “I was basically preforming the duties of a Controller for 30+ years.  All grower accounting, general ledger balancing and keeping track of bank accounts were my main duties in addition to helping analyze crop inventory and sales data as well as preparing industry and tax reports, says Dean.”  It’s no doubt Dean played a huge role in developing many systems within our company.

As the years flew by and the company’s expansion continued, more personnel have been hired to relieve Dean of some of these responsibilities.  “Recently we moved into a new office building and I have been moved into employee benefits and insurance.  I am charged with administrating our 401K plan, Flexible Spending Account, medical insurance, dental insurance and commercial property and casualty insurance as well as L & I self-insurance, and creating W2 forms and 1099 forms,” states Dean.

It’s obvious that Dean has played such an important Role within Borton Fruit since the beginning of his time here with us.  We Thank You Dean for all of your hard work and efforts over the years.  Borton Fruit wouldn’t be near what we are today without your help and expertise in so many categories.  You have been a huge contributor to this company and we are very thankful for everything you do!


Posted August 29, 2014

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