2014 New Crop Apple & Pear Update

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit has moved into packing 2014 New Crop Apples, starting with Ginger Golds this past Wednesday.  Ginger Golds are very similar to Golden Delicious Apples.  They are one of the earliest variety apples harvested in this area.  They have a pale green outer skin and a cream colored crisp textured flesh.  It’s a variety that turns brown slowly, so it’s a good choice for use in fresh cut servings, also very good apple for baking.

“The Ginger Golds we’ve got in so far are very firm and have great pressures.  We are peaking in 88s-100s at this time.  There have been minimal defects and the product is looking very good for starting off this 2014 apple crop,” states Chad Chronister, our Quality Assurance Manager.  Over the next several weeks, we’ll be harvesting many other varieties of new crop apples, don’t hesitate contacting your sales representative to begin dialog regarding this new record crop.

In addition to the Ginger Golds, we will be receiving our first bins in of Bartlett Pears later today and will begin packing tomorrow.  Stay tuned for an update on those Bartlett’s and what’s next to come in the following weeks with our 2014 Crop Apples & Pears.


Posted August 08, 2014

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