Meet Dave Whiteside, our featured employee of the month.

Yakima, WA – Borton & Sons, Inc. is very blessed to have so many long-term Key employees that bring such value to what we do here on a daily basis.  This Month, Dave Whiteside is our featured employee of the month!  Dave is our Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, and is quite the leader to our team here at Borton Fruit.

Dave began working at Borton in March of 1985, marking 29 years this past March! He started in the shipping department but was quickly pulled into a newly established sales department within his first year, and has been there ever since!   “When I started with Borton we shipped about 300,000 boxes annually, now we pack and ship over 7 million boxes a year and are continuing to expand,” states Dave. 

The past 15 years have measured the most growth within Borton, which has also included expanding our sales staff.  Dave heads our department, providing weekly pricing guidelines for the team as well as working closely with our industry contacts in getting them the proper information needed from Borton.  Dave is involved with several apple and pear marketing information groups and keeps on top of where we are at each day in comparison to the industry, which is a very important role.  For this reason, he’s highly involved in our weekly sales meetings and decisions pertaining to upcoming orders as well as our packing manifest.  Dave has many established sales accounts for Borton and has some long standing relationships with a few of his customers. Above all of that, Dave is highly looked-up to by many here within the company. The knowledge he provides in whole to the business is important.

Dave grew up in the Yakima Valley, leaving for college for only a couple years.  He decided to return to the valley after school to work for a family business before coming to Borton.  Dave has been married to his wife Lynn for 35 years, getting married about 6 years prior to coming here to Borton Fruit.  They have 5 Children and 2 grandchildren.  “Family is the most important piece of my life. We spend a lot of time together, playing a very active role in each other’s lives, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” says Dave.  He also loves to play tennis and golf.

From everybody here at Borton Fruit; Thank You Dave Whiteside for all these years of pure dedication and guidance.  We would not be what we are today without your role in our company and sales department. 


Posted July 30, 2014

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