July is National Grilling & Picnic Month!

The month of July brings warmth, sun, swimming, outdoors hiking/camping and much more, no wonder it’s national grilling and picnic month!  Celebrate by utilizing Fruits and Veggies on the grill or in your picnic basket.  Not only are they refreshing when it gets hot out, but they keep us hydrated and full of nutrients that the Sun after some time can drain out of us.

Get UP, Get OUT & GRILL! Grilling is a flavorful, healthy way to create FV-infused dishes! For Nat'l Grilling Month, try these Grilled Veggie Packets to start: http://ow.ly/yh6d2.  In addition to grilled veggies, there are many fruits you can throw on the grill to enjoy.  One of the favorites is the Apple of course!  Apples have an already sweet quality and can be spiced up and used over your meat dishes or just as sides.  Or add some light flavored oil or melted butter and brown sugar and make a yummy dessert out of them that’s on the healthier side.  Check out these grilling safety tips, how to keep leftovers, reheating and helpful guidelines for your grilling season from the USDA http://healthymeals.nal.usda.gov/features-month/july/national-grilling-month.

Pack up that picnic basket and/or cooler with fruits and veggies, a nice easy sandwich and some fluids and enjoy the outdoors!  Apples, Pears & Cherries are all fun, quick items to grab and take on a picnic.  You can take them whole to just snack on, or you can slice them and bring some of your favorite fruit dip to use!  Or cut them up and throw them on a salad!  There are so many ways to easily incorporate fruits and veggies in your picnic planning.  The USDA has some great Sandwich recipe’s here as well that include healthy ingredients for you and your family to enjoy at your summer picnic;   http://healthymeals.nal.usda.gov/features-month/july/national-picnic-month.

From all here at Borton Fruit, we wish you a safe and healthy grilling and picnic season!

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Posted July 08, 2014

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