Meet Martin Medina, Our Featured Employee of the Month

Yakima, WA – Martin Medina has been a major contributor to Borton Fruits Premium Quality name in the Industry.  Last month, Martin reached 26 years with our company!  He’s truly worked in almost every facet of the warehouse packing process, from start to finish.  Not only did he hands on learn everything he knows, but he’s been a major part in the growth of Borton Fruit since he began here.

Martin was born in Mexico and made his way to the United States during High School, becoming a US Citizen in 1995 in California.  He was in California until he finished school and then made his way to Washington in 1988.  “My brother worked for Borton Fruit as an orchard Forman and told me they were great people to work for.  And here I am, 26 years later still here and feeling the same way”, said Martin. 

Martin started with Borton on June 22nd, 1988 working on the pack line.  He quickly showed he was a quick learner and hard worker and was moved to being a segregator, then to becoming a box maker.  After learning the entire packing process, he started being a heister driver feeding the product through the line.  Martin then jumped out to the shipping department and learned the loading dock system and ending portion of the packed fruit process. 

Martin showed he was a very motivated, great leader and was then promoted to supervisor roles throughout the business. He started supervising the Repack Crew and before long, was moved over to being the Primary Line Supervisor.  From there, Martin has become Director of Packing Operations, overseeing all the packing lines, ordering all shook/packing materials necessary for the warehouses, and is directly involved with our juice processor handling. 

Martin enjoys many things, but something that has become a huge part of his life since 2001 is his relationship with our Lord.  Martin and his Wife are very involved with their Church, Iglesia En Movimeinto.  Jessica is the Sunday School Teacher and Martin is the Music Director, they spend a lot of their time away from work in their church. 

“I’ve truly enjoyed being a part of this Borton Family for all of these years, and enjoy all of the challenges that have been thrown my way”, says Martin.  We are very thankful for everything Martin has contributed to our company over the years.  Thank You Martin for everything you do!


Posted June 26, 2014

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