Ted Kronberg is Borton's Featured Employee of the Month!

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit wouldn’t be near what we are today without the valuable employees we’ve had over the years.  This month, we’re featuring one of our longest term key people, Ted Kronberg, who is currently our head Refrigeration/Storage Manager.

Ted grew up in Nebraska around row crop farming.  “Back then, I never considered fruit as farming, but after finishing college in 1977, I got an education about that as well,” states Ted.  After college, Ted moved to Leavenworth, WA and worked at a church camp close to the mountains which he really enjoyed.  That Summers end, he migrated to Yakima on invitation from friends and started his “hands on” education in the fruit industry by picking apples during fall harvest at neighboring orchards to Bortons.  When harvest ended that year, Ted was introduced to both Bill and John Borton (who are the current owners of the company today) and was asked to do some fill in work for them in November.  It was only a few months before Ted was offered a full-time position with Borton Fruit.

Borton Fruit was fairly small when Ted started with the company, and he has seen the most expansion the company has ever had during his time here.  “Being Borton was much smaller when I started, one would typically work all areas where needed within the company.  I experienced many facets of the growing side with orchard development, plantings, frost protection, spraying, pruning, irrigation, etc.  I was also in the storage, packing & operations arena at that time,” says Ted.  As Borton Fruit has continued to expand each year, the storage and refrigeration category became something that needed day to day managing.  “We had only 4 controlled atmosphere storage rooms when I started here.  Now we have 140 along with another 15 common storage rooms at 3 main facilities and a couple of satellite locations,” states Ted.  The refrigeration and atmosphere monitoring has evolved from more of a hands on control system to a state of the art computer control, which allows us to monitor operations from a central computer terminal at each of the 3 main plants as well as remotely from anywhere in the world. 

As our company expands, our refrigeration and storage will also continue to expand.  Keeping the fruit in controlled atmosphere storage is key in our industry in providing fresh apples/pears year round.  Ted has done an incredible job for us over the years in managing this area and we are very thankful to have him here.  We appreciate all you do Ted!

Ted is at his 37 year mark with the company, which is a statement in itself.  “If I’ve learned anything over these years working in almost every part of the company, it’s that it truly takes a team effort to see the fruit we produce go from a blossom on the tree to food in the consumer’s hand,” says Ted.

Posted May 29, 2014

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