Borton's 2014 Cherry Crop is Looming

Yakima, WA – Cherry season is approaching quickly and Borton Fruit has continued with all pre-harvest efforts to ensure a quality cherry crop.  “Spring has worked to our benefit and provided some of the best growing conditions that we’ve had in years,” States Ron Everts. 

The weather has been very mild with only a few frosty nights.  While pollinating, we had nice warm sunny days and excellent Bee activity.  Sizing is looking great, the weather and growing conditions are continuing to allow the cherries to grow, which in turn is allowing the NW Cherry Growers to raise a nice sized crop even with a heavy crop on the trees. 

At this point, the cherries on the trees are very clean and free from blemishes, and with all the hopes of this weather cooperating, might be one of the cleanest cherry crop’s we’ve seen yet.  At the present time, we are projecting that cherry harvest will begin between June 8th and the 10th and that peak season will be around late June, early July.

Over the past couple months, Borton Fruit has designed and produced new Dark Sweet and Rainier Cherry Pouch Bags for the 2014 season.  We’ve also implemented a new fully automated front end loader on our Dark Sweet cherry line which will allow the cherries to be handled milder, creating a more consistent flow on the line as well as a much higher packing efficiency, leading to an overall more consistent packed box of fruit.

Stay tuned for our next update!  In the meantime, check out some of the Fresh Cherry recipes on our website!




Posted May 08, 2014

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