Yesenia Cervantes is this month's featured employee of the month

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit has been blessed with such dedicated personnel and many long term employees throughout all aspects of the fruit process.  Each hand makes such a difference in what we do around here, and we’d like to recognize the efforts of Yesenia Cervantes, who is currently our day shift Primary Line Supervisor.

Yesenia started with the company in 1991!  That makes this 23 years now she has been a part of our Borton Family.  She started at the bottom, packing on the primary line for the first two years.  She was then moved over to running the stamper machine for the next two years.  Yesenia showed such motivation and drive, she was promoted to be an assistant supervisor on the primary line overseeing that the fruit was packed according to our grade standards.  She was in this role for 6 years before once again being promoted to our Primary Line Supervisor, which she has now been doing for 13 years.

Yesenia currently supervises 95 employees on a daily basis.  Her current duties are overseeing the production, packing and supervision of employees, making sure we get good packouts (bins & boxes), and that the fruit is within our grading standards.  “It’s very challenging, but I love it!  There is never a boring day, and I can say that working for Borton’s is like working with family.  They have been more than good to me and have put full trust in me, allowing me to make important decisions and I’m very thankful for that”, states Yesenia. 

Yesenia plays a very important role in Borton Fruit’s overall packing process.  We are very thankful for your 23 years of dedication and attention to detail Yesenia! 

Posted April 18, 2014

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