New Year's Resolution Tip from Borton Fruit: Increase your Daily Fruit & Veggie Intake

The beginning of each year is typically when all of us make a number of resolutions, some we may stick with and others we don’t.  All in all, we go into each year with goals and guidelines on ways to improve our lives in some way.  Eating healthier, weight loss and overall living a healthier lifestyle are some of the most popular resolutions made each year. 

One of the best ways to accomplish all of these goals is by adding fruit and vegetables to your daily diet.  By increasing your daily fruit and vegetable intake, you will easily accomplish your goals as well as be able to experience the many great benefits most fruits and vegetables provide. 

First off, fruits & veggies are fun to eat!  Some you peel, some are crunchy and/or juicy, and you can even grow some right in your own backyard!  They are a quick snack that can be eaten plain, with healthy dips, or cooked to your own desires.  The variety is limitless as there are so many to choose from.  Try something new each week or month!  Fruits and vegetables are very rich in vitamins and minerals which help you feel healthy and energized and have even been proven to reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.  Who knows, you might even be able to decrease your amount of Doctor Visits!  Most of them are naturally low in calories and are great sources of fiber which help you in your digestive system.  The convenience is endless; you can get them from fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice, all having their own benefits.  And finally, the colors and texture add appeal to your plates and dishes, making the overall presentation of a meal pleasing.    

This year, make increasing your daily fruit and vegetable intake one of your top New Year Resolutions for 2014 and reap the many benefits in doing so! 

Check out the link below to the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s about the buzz: New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolutions Never Last.  Be sure to look over all the other great facts this site provides.

Posted December 20, 2013

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