Asian Pears are ready to ship!

For the first time, Borton Fruit is packing a Korean variety of Asian Pears called the “Olympic Giants”.  These Pears were central Washington grown, by one of our growers.  They are a round fruit, with yellow skin mottled greenish brown, partially russeted.  They are crisp, have a fine-textured flesh with aromatic flavor.

 Borton has put up various pack types for these Asian Pears.  The smaller sizes are going into a single layer gift-box and the larger sizes are going into a half euro footprint with two layers. 

Please contact your Borton Sales Representative for further information.                     

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Single Layer Gift Box Pricing:

                                                                 9 count - $13.90                                                   

                                                 12 count - $13.90                                                

 18 count - $12.90

 20 count - $11.90

25 count - $10.90

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Half Euro Footprint Pricing:

18 Count - $14.90

21 count - $15.90


Posted November 11, 2013

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