Fight Diabetes head on with fruits & veggies!

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit participated in a Twitter party yesterday put on by the Produce for Better Health Foundation which attributed to National Diabetes month and fighting the disease head on with fruits and veggies.

National Diabetes Month, observed each year in November, is a time for communities across the country to shine a spotlight on diabetes and encourage action to change the way diabetes is treated.  It’s a challenging disease that affects the entire family in many ways.  Many organizations come together the month of November to raise awareness to individuals, families and communities to take action and encourage simple, but important lifestyle changes to improve their health. 

“After participating in the #No2Diabetes Twitter party yesterday, I continued realizing how beneficial daily fruit and veggie intake is, and how it truly does help prevent these diseases.  It was very eye-opening seeing all the fact’s people posted throughout the exchange about different commodities of Fruits and Veggies and what the benefits are, also making me very interested to look further into the benefits of Apples & Pears in particular” states Lindsay Ehlis.

 Apples turned out to be really good for type 2 diabetics.  The soluble fiber content is the biggest focus for diabetic nutrition and as we all know, the skin of an apple provides a great source of fiber, roughly 4 grams which is close to 20% of the recommended daily intake. Apples have been found to actually keep people from developing diabetes.  In the 24 hours after “apple consumption” pre-diabetes symptoms were fewer in a couple different studies.  We also know that Apples contain antioxidants which get rid of radicals (substances which cause cell damage and lead to elevated blood sugar levels) tying directly in with diabetes.  On top of cutting your risk of type 2 diabetes, Apples also help in getting rid of the plaque buildup in your blood vessels causing blockages and heart disease.  To learn more, please visit:

 Pears are also a beneficial fruit for diabetics.  They are a little higher in fiber, and are low in carbs and calories.  Pears, also along with Apples, offer a vast assortment of vitamins and minerals which are good for everybody, but especially diabetics.  To learn some specifics please visit:

 It’s refreshing to know that the products Borton Fruit grows, packs and ships are so beneficial in many ways for everybody, all ages.  So get out there and grab some Apples & Pears and reduce your risks!


Posted November 07, 2013

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