Delivering safe fruit continues to be a priority at Borton Fruit

Food Safety will always be one of our top priorities and we continue working to maintain the utmost standards, providing customers with unquestioned safe and quality fruit.  In our continued efforts toward high food safety standards, Borton & Sons, Inc. is certified through an industry leader in Food Safety.  We are SQF V7 Class 3 certified, HACCP certified, FDA certified and USDA certified at all three of our facilities.  In addition, Borton Fruit is also Global GAP certified in all of our orchards so we can guarantee the safety of our fruit from the time we plant the trees all the way to the consumer’s hand.  Borton Fruit has always taken pride in the quality of the product we offer and will continue working to provide our customers with fruit that has been handled in compliance with all current food safety standards of the industry.

 This Year, Borton Fruit received high marks from SQF in reviewing each plants respective Food Safety program.  With a dedicated staff and improvements regarding monthly record review and annual system analysis, Borton Fruit was able to achieve marks of 95%, 98% and 100% at the three facilities going into this 2013 Apple and Pear Crop.  With new regulations looming in the not so distant future through the FSMA, Borton Fruit will continue to ensure that the product grown in our orchards and packed in our packinghouses is held to the highest degree of food safety for years to come.

Posted August 20, 2013

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