2013 Crop Apple & Pear Harvest is in Progress

Borton Fruit has officially started harvesting our 2013 Crop of Apples and Pears!  The first variety harvested of the year for apples is our Gingergold crop. We have harvested and packed all of our new crop Gingergold’s. In addition we are aggressively moving along with Bartlett Pears.  Fruit quality so far appears to be exceptional, with very little russet or sunburn to date.  

 The 2013 Apple crop is shaping up to be a phenomenal crop.  Fruit size is slightly larger than normal overall, but with relatively even distribution among the typical varietal sizes.  Also, we have been very fortunate thus far that hail has not been as big of an issue this year throughout the state as it was for the 2012 crop.  

 The next apple we are slated to begin harvesting is the Gala apple. “Our earliest regions of Galas will begin picking tomorrow, and packing Thursday or Friday.  The deep-red hue on the buckeye Galas is highly attractive as always.  The state crop of Fuji will be down, but quality appears good, with less flecking and sunburn than in prior years. “States Byron Borton. 

 Harvest is just beginning for most regions around the state, but the mood seems very optimistic overall. The high quality apples synonymous with Washington State seemed to have returned in full force this year. It appears the 2013 crop has once again earned the title “Washington State Grown Apples.”

Posted August 14, 2013

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