Borton Fruit Sponsors upcoming Million Dollar Marathon

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 We would like to share with all of you an exciting and important event that Borton Fruit will be participating in this summer. The event is called the MILLION DOLLAR MARATHON. It is a great opportunity for Borton Fruit, the Yakima Community, and all of our supporters to contribute to a wonderful cause that everyone can get involved in. The details of the event are described below and the PDF attachment will provide additional information.


On June 21st, The Million Dollar Marathon will begin it’s 4000 mile relay across America. The Team will be made up of all those that Cancer has touched. Survivors, Caregivers, Advocates, and Supporters all working together to beat this disease. One marathon at a time, the event will cross 15 states and more than 500 communities as the baton is passed from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

During their journey, team members will run from Mount Rainier to the Great Salt Lake, over the Rockies to the Great Plains, on to the Appalachians and past the Chesapeake Bay. As they run, each day will turn to night and clear skies will fill with storms. Yet through the darkness and rain, their baton will not stop.

As a member of The Million Dollar Marathon team, we (BORTON FRUIT) will be dedicating ONE marathon, on one day to the cause. Each day there will be 4 marathons run. In total there will be 160 marathons run to get across the USA. During this extraordinary journey, more than l0,000,000 steps will be taken. Ten million steps to honor the past and inspire the future. Ten million steps toward a cure.


In the next year, nearly 600,000 people in America will die of cancer. The American Cancer Society has determined that one-third of these deaths are the result of poor diet and lack of exercise. The Million Dollar Marathon has been organized to educate the public about this issue through an event that is inspirational and motivational.

The Million Dollar Marathon is also working to raise funds for cancer research and programs that support cancer survivors and their families. To join the team, each runner (or team) has made a commitment to raise money for this cause. There is no minimum requirement but together it is the goal to raise 1 million dollars. The team hopes to be able to make a significant contribution to the ongoing needs of the cancer communities.

about Above + Beyond Cancer

The Million Dollar Marathon is being organized and presented by Above + Beyond Cancer. Above + Beyond is a public charity that was organized in 2011 to elevate the lives of those touched by cancer. In 2013, the organization is focused on reducing new cancer cases and cancer recurrence through programs that emphasis diet and vigorous physical exercise.

Borton Fruit as a whole will be sponsoring one Leg (one marathon) portion of race. This race across the country will be going right through our home of Yakima on June 24th. In the first of the 4 marathons to be run on that day, Eric Borton will be representing Borton Fruit as the marathon runner pledged to run the entire 26.2 miles for Borton Fruit’s single marathon portion. However, in addition many more people at Borton fruit as well as other community supporters will be participating in our portion of the race. Some will run, some will jog, and some will walk different lengths of our marathon segment, but all in support of the same great cause in their own way.

 We want to provide the opportunity for all those that have the desire to support the cause if they so choose. Obviously our goal is to raise as much money for cancer research and support as possible, but it is also just as important to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention. In the PDF document and website link below you will find more information on the Million Dollar Marathon as well as some important insights on how a healthy lifestyle is very important in cancer prevention.

PDF Document


Posted May 06, 2013

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