Borton Attends FDA Public Meeting Concerning Proposed rules for Preventive Controls in Human Food and Produce Safety Standards

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) held a meeting on March 27th and 28th in Portland, OR regarding the proposed rules to establish standards for growing, harvesting, packing and holding of produce for human consumption (the produce safety proposed rule) and for current good manufacturing practice and hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls for human food (the preventive controls for human food proposed rule).  These are the first of five proposed rules that would establish the foundation of, and central framework for, the modern food safety system envisioned by Congress in the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  The FSMA is the most sweeping reform of FDA’s food safety authority in over 70 years.  This act gives FDA new and enhances mandates and authorities to protect consumers and promote public health.  To learn more about FSMA, please go to the FDA’s site at .

 The meeting was also designed to solicit comments from stakeholders on the proposed rules, inform the public about the rulemaking process (including how to submit comments, data and other information to the rulemaking dockets), and respond to questions about the proposed rules. 

 Miles Murphy (Food Safety/Compliance Manager) and Andy Birley (General Manager) of Borton Fruit attended the meeting.  Many other members of the tree fruit community were in attendance.  There were different growers throughout eastern Washington that expressed their concerns with the proposed rules, and most specifically with the standards that are being proposed for agricultural water and trying to keep wild animals out of the orchards.  Members of the farming community had the opportunity to stand up and voice their opinions/concerns in 3 minute intervals which were then answered by a panel of FDA Members.  “It was nice to see members of the tree fruit community take advantage of the opportunity to express their concerns regarding the new regulations and to inform the FDA why the rules should be commodity specific and not just one size fits all” expresses Miles.


Posted April 18, 2013

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