2013 Cherry Crop Update

As cherry season approaches, Borton continues with pre-harvest efforts to grow quality, large cherries.  “With the 70 to 80 degree temperatures we’ve been experiencing the past couple weeks, things are Really Moving  !!!!   In March we figured things were about a month behind normal bloom dates, but with the recent hot weather the blossoms have really popped.  It now appears many of our growing regions are more than a full week ahead of typical bloom dates "States Byron Borton.

We all know the weather determines the Cherry Crop each season.  So far it has seemed to be in cooperation with the growers in our region and thanks to the mild winter, all the trees are looking healthy and are producing ample bloom.  Ron Everts, one of our head cherry fieldmen, has been going through the orchard lots and blocks recording budding and blooming and monitoring the pollination.  “Everything seems to be on track.  We had some frost a few weeks ago but as a region growers seemed to come out of it just fine.  The weather has warmed since and the bees are working very well.  Now we are waiting on mother nature to do its thing” Says Ron. 

If the weather continues, we could be picking and/or packing Cherries on or around June 5th.  If the temperatures drop, we couple potentially get pushed back a couple weeks.  Stay tuned for the next Update!

Photo's from Borton Benson Orchard Block

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Posted April 05, 2013

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