Borton Attends Pbh's 2013 Annual Conference: A Consumer Connection

Since Borton Fruit has become a donor/member of the Produce for Better Health Foundation, we have found their research and resources very reputable.  When the invite came for this conference, A Consumer Connection, we were all over it.  The seminar was held in San Francisco, focusing on the consumer.  The workshop’s and presentations provided beneficial research, nutrition and marketing resources, and networking venues available to help get our message/branding out to our consumers.

 “We know everybody has a target audience when marketing a particular product.  The DGWB presented a balanced healthy segment that categorized the different types of audiences we deal with in the produce industry and what appeals to each one.  I found this very beneficial and realized we have quite a diverse audience to market to.” States Lindsay Ehlis, Sales & Marketing.   

 Another large focus of this seminar was Social Media.  With Social Media taking over the world today, this was a nice piece to pay close attention to.  The Pbh focused on the Fruit and Vegetable consumers and how they are using Social Media to determine what products to buy.  Surprisingly enough, Social Media is not only Facebook, twitter, etc., there are so many other realms and ways to engage in social media out there.

 The key speakers, dietitians, and industry representation made this seminar a very educational experience.  With presentations from the DGWB, Hartman Group, Pbh Foundation members, Retail Dietitians, etc. there was a lot of information to take in.  To learn more about the seminar and see the presentations given, please go to .

Posted March 20, 2013

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