2017 Crop ROCKIT™ Apple Imports are On Their Way!

Yakima, WA - This week our imported ROCKIT™ apples leave New Zealand, heading onto the water to make the trans-pacific journey to arrive in Seattle’s port around mid-May.


The crop from New Zealand will carry the bright ROCKIT™-red coloring as weather during the fall has been perfect for bringing out the hue. Cool nights and sunny days are the combination needed to make the ROCKIT™ apple’s appearance vibrant. Brix levels are outstanding this season also as maturing orchards in the Country are producing great eating fruit.


ROCKIT™ Global Limited, the newly formed international Company tasked to guide the ROCKIT™ apple into a household name, are excited to announce a new tube design this season. The new tube features recyclable PET polymer and an improved design on the lid that makes it more user friendly for snacking on the go.


Borton Fruit will have new crop ROCKIT™ apples ready for distribution middle to late May, and then will smoothly transition into our Washington State grown ROCKIT™ apples this fall.


For inquiries, please reach out to Sky Johnson at sky@bortonfruit.com.



Posted April 20, 2017

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