2017 Crop KORU® Apple Imports are nearing

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit is excited to announce that new crop KORU® apple imports will be arriving and ready for distribution the week of May 22nd, 2017.  Demand for this unique variety is continuing to grow each season, and our Coast to Coast Growers have planted trees here in Washington State as well as on the east coast to ensure we can supply this apple throughout the season.

Coast to Coast Growers, a cooperative formed by Borton Fruit, Oneonta Starr Ranch and New York Apple Sales, will be receiving over 110,000 bushels from New-Zealand in May and early June. In the fall, we will move into harvesting our Washington State Grown KORU® apples for U.S. distribution.

To learn more about Coast to Coast Growers production plan over the next couple years, please read this article from ANUK; Coast & Coast Grower’s Tim Byrne Talks Increased Production for KORU® Apples.

The KORU® apple is crisp, sweet and naturally delicious.  This sweet and juicy apple is complex with aromatic honey flavors, has slight acidity and browns slower, extending shelf life.   We hope everybody decides to Escape Ordinary and try the KORU® this season!

Please reach out to your Borton Fruit sales representative for pricing and availability.


Posted April 13, 2017

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