Meet Arturo Ceballos, our Featured Employee of the Month!

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit is excited to feature Arturo Ceballos this month! Arturo has been with the company for 16.5 years!  He is a huge asset to our production team and we are very thankful for all that he does.

Arturo was born and raised in Mexico. After finishing High School, he came to the Yakima Valley to visit family and liked it so much, he ended up staying with his Aunt and attending YVCC.  “My cousin Yesenia worked for Borton Fruit and told me of a job opening that sounded interesting so I applied” stated Arturo. 

Arturo started working here August 17th of 2000!  “When I was first hired, I worked on the primary line, keeping the trays ready for packing.  Then I was moved into an operating role in our mesh bag department, eventually moving into the supervisor position I’ve currently been in for 7 years” Arturo said.  Arturo currently runs our mesh bag department, packing all soft-net apples and mixed fruit bags.  “Some of my main responsibilities are; making sure I have all soft-net bag orders from the sales department on time for production, making sure that all products are packed with quality fruit, prioritizing the order of packing to meet all needs, and supervising of all employees working in the mesh department while making sure all of my employees have a great attitude and good environment to work in,” he went onto say.

Outside of work, Arturo enjoys spending time with his Wife and children, Arturo Jr. (12) and Denise (9). He is also very involved at his family’s Church, attending twice a week with his family, and participating in meeting groups that discuss Gods word.  He enjoys reading the bible and watching sports in his spare time.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunities the Borton Family has given me here. I’m thankful for meeting my wife while working here and for the continued blessing’s God has given me” Arturo said.

Arturo, you are a special person and we are very thankful to have you as a part of our leadership operations team. Your attention to detail, ability to prioritize, and determination to get anything done that is sent your way is admirable.  Thank You for all you do and we are very blessed to have you here.  Congratulations on coming up on 17 years, that’s incredible!


Posted March 27, 2017

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