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Yakima, WA – In the newest effort by Borton Fruit to get the ROCKIT™ apple launched into households across the Country; we are happy to announce that AmazonFresh is currently executing a pilot program with this new and exciting apple variety right now through March!

We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a unique retailer as Amazon, and we hope that the fresh fruit distribution offered by AmazonFresh will allow us, as well as other farmers, to reach a new demographic of consumers.  

Looking ahead to spring, which is right around the corner, Washington State apple bloom will be here before we know it and Borton Fruit is looking forward to building on this opportunity with AmazonFresh.

Borton Fruit will transition into marketing and distributing New Zealand imported ROCKIT™ apples this summer, from mid-May through September. Once we harvest our apples in fall of 2017, we will transition back to the Borton Fruit Washington State grown ROCKIT™ apples.

For the latest news regarding Borton Fruits efforts on the ROCKIT™ Apple, check out this AndNowUKnow Article.

To learn more about the ROCKIT™ apple, please see ROCKIT™ Apple USA site and our Borton Fruit ROCKIT™ page.

Get out there and see what the hype is all about, purchase your ROCKIT™ apples on AmazonFresh today! For direct inquiries, please email



Posted February 17, 2017

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