More Studies Link Apples to Heart Health!

Yakima, WA – Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States, killing almost 380,000 people each year. Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women, taking more lives than all forms of cancer combined.  Thanks to the American Heart Association along with other affiliates, over the past 10 years this death rate has decreased by about 39 percent.   This has been done through decades of research and raising awareness on prevention strategies, as well as new developed treatments allowing those who obtain this disease to live longer while enjoying a better quality of life.  To learn more about this terrible disease as well as see how you can help in preventing it, please visit the American Heart Association site. 

Being February is all about the heart, from Valentine’s Day to American Heart Month, Borton Fruit wanted to remind everybody that APPLE’S can play a big role in keeping us Heart Healthy! Over the decades, many studies have been done showing apples in connection to a number of health benefits, and now even more are being scientifically proven.  Please take a moment to read this great article by Jen Reviews, showing just how beneficial apples are to the human body.  Specifically for Heart Health, Apples can reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol which causes many different types of heart diseases, it’s proven to lower blood pressure, as well as has shown to have an effective combination of things that fight blood fats (see Jen Reviews article for more detail on these facts). 

These studies below show the beneficial impact apples have on our hearts:

Iowa Women’s Health Study

Ohio State University/Apple Industry Study / Natural News Ohio State University Study

University of Oxford/British Medical Journal Study

University of Michigan Health System Study

Heart disease is very highly preventable by simply focusing on having a healthy lifestyle. Eat a natural diet filled with FRUITS, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Take part in regular physical activity by finding something you really enjoy doing.  Avoid commercial and household pollutants to your best ability, there are many natural cleaners, etc. you can look into getting these days.

For recipe ideas and to help in increasing your apple consumption please visit our Borton Fruit Website

From all here at Borton Fruit, we hope everybody has a Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day!

Posted February 09, 2017

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