Borton Fruit’s packing Borton Grown ROCKIT™ Apples Next Week!

Yakima, WA – Next week will mark a new page in Borton Fruit’s history of innovation and new apple variety development. For the first time, Borton Fruit is packing the highly sought after and uniquely small, sweet and crisp ROCKIT™ apple.

This new variety was developed in New Zealand and is now commercially licensed to a number of apple growing countries around the globe. In North America, Borton Fruit and Chelan Fresh hold the exclusive licensing to grow market and distribute the ROCKIT™ apple.

Early next week Borton Fruit will begin packing our very own Borton grown ROCKIT™ apples at one of our packing facilities here in Yakima, WA. The Borton family has procured and planted hundreds of acres of this new variety which has required substantial investment and risk to establish ROCKIT™ orchards across Eastern Washington. 

We are excited to start packing this new variety and look forward to learning how the consumers perceive the product and positioning. To compliment Borton Fruit’s entry into packing and marketing the Borton grown ROCKIT™; the company has acquired a recyclable, USA made tube packaging with a partner in Denver, CO.  Borton fruit is positioning two new tube designs in a 3 count and 5 count ROCKIT™ apple configurations.  Both sizes are offered at 20 consumer units per box.

To learn more about ROCKIT™ apples, visit

Please reach out to Sky Johnson with any questions, inquiries or ideas regarding the ROCKIT™ apple:


Posted January 13, 2017

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