Borton Fruit’s wrapping up 2016 Crop Harvest with Pink Lady® Apples

Yakima, WA – After approximately four months of 2016 crop Apple and Pear harvest, Borton Fruit is wrapping up the season with Pink Lady® Apples this week. Borton is one of the largest Pink Lady® growers and shippers in the industry. 

Byron Borton, our Chief Visionary Officer, said “Pink Lady® Apples are a very unique variety as they are the first to bloom and the last to harvest. Perhaps the ultra-long growing season gives them a unique texture and tart flavor that no other apple can quite match.”  In many seasons, we are fighting snow and frost to get them off the trees, luckily this year, neither have been the case.  We had some rain and wet days that prevented picking, but overall the weather cooperated really well throughout harvest.

Chad Chronister, our Quality Assurance Manager, said “The pink’s we’ve received so far are beautiful. Every lot has had outstanding overall quality with very little defects, if any.  Pressures and sugar levels are fantastic.  One of the best years receiving these I’ve seen!” 

 “We have made investments in high color strains of the variety and a commitment to high density plantings with V-Trellis training systems that garners exceptional quality fruit in our orchards, leading to a very high quality pack,” states Eric Borton, VP of International Sales & Marketing.  Great quality paired with very good volumes to support sustainable marketing programs has allowed Borton Fruit to build a very good reputation for our Pink Lady® program and the quality we produce.

We have already seen good demand for Pink Lady® Apples this season. Please reach out to your Borton Sales Representative today for availability and pricing.


Posted November 15, 2016

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