Meet Jose Mena, our featured employee of the month!

Yakima, WA – Borton & Sons, Inc. is more than thankful for our long term, key employees that make this company run on a daily basis. This month we want to feature Jose Mena, who has been with us since 1998, making this his 18th year with Borton Fruit!

Jose was born in Zacatepec, Morelos Mexico where he grew up. While completing school, Jose worked with his father on a farm where they would buy and sell farm animals.  It was also their responsibility to take care of all the animals while at the farm.

When Jose turned 18, he moved to Yakima, WA where his brothers were currently living. “Upon arrival, I got a job working in Harrah at a hops company called Green Acres,” stated Jose.   He did that for a brief time until he decided to apply at Borton in 1998 out in the fields.  After years of experience picking, cleaning up orchards, pruning, etc., Jose was promoted to being a field supervisor which is his current role at this time.  “This year, Borton’s gave me my own ranch to manage, which I am very thankful for,” Jose said.  He manages one large ranch that’s divided into 3 sections.  “I currently do all the hiring and managing of employees to maintain this ranch, as well as oversee them to make sure all daily tasks are being completed.  I’m also responsible for the cleanliness of the orchards at the end of each day.  I have to analyze what type of care needs to be done and make sure my crews know what they need to be doing at all times.  During frost season, I get up in the middle of the night to turn on the heaters and wind machines to make sure our crop makes it while staying at an appropriate temperature,” Jose said.  There are a lot of responsibilities that tie in with being a ranch manager and we are very thankful that we have people like Jose in place to take care of these tasks for us.

In Jose’s free time, he mostly enjoys spending time with his family. Jose is married and has six children.  “My family keeps me very busy in my downtime, and I enjoy spending as much time with them as possible,” said Jose.  He loves playing soccer and taking his kids to games.  Jose also enjoys taking his family camping in the summer, and they go quite a bit for good quality time together.

Jose, thank you for all you do, we are very fortunate to have you as a part of our team here. Your work ethic is something we value and we look forward to many years ahead.



Posted September 29, 2016

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