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Yakima, WA – Over the past couple weeks, Borton Fruit has added multiple varieties of Apples and Pears to our new 2016 crop manifest. “We are anticipating a very strong overall crop this year, both in terms of quality and volume” stated Eric Borton, our VP of International Sales & Marketing.  “Throughout this spring and summer we have experienced ideal growing conditions, which is resulting in very good sizing and outstanding quality” he went on to say.

Borton Fruit has officially started harvesting all pear varieties for the season. In addition to Bartlett’s, we’ve started harvesting our Anjou Pears, both green and red, and our Bosc. Justin Corbin, our Plant Manager down at West Chestnut has been overseeing all of our pear varieties being packed this season. He said, “This year we are seeing phenomenal overall condition, minor defects and great sizing on all pear varieties”.

On the Apple front, over the past two weeks, Borton Fruit has started harvesting Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, Fuji and Jonagolds. Chad Chronister, our Quality Assurance Manager, said “All apple varieties we’ve seen thus far are showing remarkable color, exceptional pressures, and excellent overall quality.  One of the best starts I’ve seen to a season here at Borton Fruit!” 

The Honeycrisp Apple has gained more consumers each season, surely becoming one of America’s favorite apple varieties. “In addition to being one of the largest Honeycrisp growers in the United States, Borton Fruit was also a very early adopter of the Honeycrisp variety and we have a significant portion of our Honeycrisp orchards that were planted 10-15 years ago and are in their prime maturity right now.  We anticipate having an extraordinary season,” stated Eric Borton.

Also new in the mix this week is the bright, tangy-sweet flavored Jonagold apple variety. Large sizing and the exciting color of this fruit catches the eye of shoppers looking to enjoy the classic taste of fall.

This week also brings cooling temperatures with night time lows in the upper 40s; an inherent indicator of fall’s approaching presence. The cool night time temperatures are critical for varieties like Golden Delicious and Fuji to “finish” ripening on the tree and produce that sweet eating experience.

Please see new crop pictures of all Pear and Apple varieties below, and reach out to your Borton Sales Representative for pricing and availability.

Posted September 02, 2016

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