Meet Josefina Barrera-Garza, our featured employee of the month!

Yakima, WA – Borton & Sons, Inc. would like to feature Josefina Barrera-Garza (Josie) this month as she has been a key employee here since 2005, marking 11 years here at Borton. Josie has been in multiple departments here at Borton since she started, adding much value to each one.  We are very thankful to have her as a part of our team. 

Josefina was born in Guerrero, Mexico. Her family immigrated to Houston, TX when she was 6 years old.  “At age 12, my family took a summer trip to Washington State.  My parents loved it and decided to stay and call it home so we could be closer to my Mother’s family” Josie said.  Josie is the oldest of 5 kids, and the first one in her family to go to college.  She obtained an AA in early childhood education. 

Josie’s family lived in Granger, WA while Josie attended high school. She helped her parents out in the fields in the morning and got her first job at 17 working at Top Foods, where she ended up meeting her husband. 

“After graduation, I worked full time in the fields and at Top Foods to pay for my college courses,” Josie said. Her parents moved from working in the fields to working inside the Borton warehouse, and Josie decided to join them that summer.  “I started working repack at nights and then at Top Foods in the mornings, helping my parents out and saving money for school.  Once summer was over I went back to school.  A couple months in I needed to get back to work so after applying at Borton again to work in repack, I was hired as a receptionist in the main office, which is where I worked for several years while going to school to finish my AA” stated Josie.  “I felt so at home at Borton’s that I didn’t want to leave to pursue my degree in teaching” she went onto say.

After Josie proved her capabilities as a receptionist, she worked in a couple different departments before moving into payroll where she is currently working. “I take care of the Borton & Son’s field payroll.  I love my job and what I do!  Making sure our employees are paid for their hard work on time each week has been a very rewarding position to be in,” she said.

“I’ve seen this company grow so much. When I started we only had one main plant, we now have several facilities with more than 2,000 employees that we pay between the warehouses and our fields” Josie said.

Josie loves to spend time with her family, her husband and her toddler who tends to keep her busy. “She gets into everything and has so much energy, it’s hard to keep up sometimes but I wouldn’t change a single moment with her” she said.

Thank You Josie for your hard work and dedication for the past 11 years. You have added so much value to this company and we are very appreciative to have you here as a part of our team.

Posted August 24, 2016

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