Borton Fruit Plants KORU® Plumac c.v. Apple Orchards in U.S.

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit has been importing the KORU® from New Zealand and marketing it in the U.S. along with Oneonta and New York Apple Sales for the past 3 seasons. “We have been overwhelmed with positive consumer responses to this unique variety.  The consistency of the fruit’s ability to maintain its eating quality and flavor is what drew our attention to this apple when Byron Borton visited New Zealand several years ago,” states Sky Johnson, Sales & Marketing. 

June 20th marks the official start of summer, and this week  Borton Fruit has been making headway on a number of new orchard plantings across the upper Yakima Valley, including multiple orchards of KORU®.  

Borton Fruit has recently planted a couple new KORU® Plumac c.v. apple orchards to strengthen the varieties availability in the next few seasons. These newly planted trees at about 1,200 trees per acre, quickly changes the landscape from dirt fields to green scenes.  We expect to have the first harvest off of these new orchards in about 3 to 4 seasons.

This Fall of 2016 Borton Fruit will have a small commercial harvest of KORU® from orchard plantings a few years ago.

Stay posted for more pictures of these new KORU® orchards coming to life over the next couple seasons!

Please see pictures below.

Posted June 24, 2016

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