Incorporate Fruits & Veggies in your Super Bowl Snack Planning

According to the USDA, Super Bowl Sunday is often recognized as the second biggest single day of food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving.   With that being said, it’s the perfect day to plan for healthy snacking and stick to those New Year’s Resolutions!

Dips are a very popular Super Bowl side dish.  There are so many different types to make ranging from healthy to very unhealthy.  Try to stick to the more traditional sides and instead of using bread and chips, dip your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Finger Foods are another popular go-to for the Super Bowl.  How about instead of having the typical French fries or tater tots, you try a recipe for APPLE FRIES? This will allow you to get your fried foods in a little healthier way!

Pizza Anybody?  Tradition is tradition.  Instead of ordering out, make a healthy homemade pizza at home with your favorite fruits & veggies.  Try this caramel apple pizza, or another option from this link.

Easy snacks are always really nice to have on hand.  Nobody wants to be slaving over the stove when the big game is playing!  Try this simple healthy snack option:  Core and slice an apple, it can be any variety of your choice. Spread peanut butter, oats, crushed pecans (or any nuts of your choice) and chocolate chips on the top of the apple slice.  Eat it just like this or add another slice of apple over the top to make a mini sandwich (see featured photo above).  Super simple, yet very good.

Whether you love the sport itself, the commercials, or you celebrate only for the food, enjoy the Ravens vs. 49ers game this weekend.  Remember to substitute some of the high calorie foods w/ healthier choices and keep those resolutions ticking!

Posted January 31, 2013

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