It’s National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month

Yakima, WA – Did you know there is a whole month dedicated to fresh fruits & veggies? That’s right, June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month, and Borton Fruit is thankful to produce healthy products that fall in this category.

Health benefits from Fruit and Vegetables are continually being discovered. Whether they are tied to weight loss management, disease prevention, or our recommended daily intake, it can only benefit all of us to increase our fruit and vegetable consumption.  In 2010, the dietary guidelines for Americans changed, stating half of your plate should be fruit and vegetables for many reasons.  Fruits and vegetables include a diverse group of plant foods that vary in content of energy, nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many other components that the human body requires for proper functionality.  This change in guidelines helped the USDA form their initiative that is helping people accomplish eating the recommended amount on a daily basis.  Take a look at the USDA’s site to better understand why these things are important, even breaking it out for children, adults, Mom’s to be, and much more;

Clean eating is becoming very important in today’s day and age, and there isn’t anything better than eating fresh, tasty and healthy fresh fruit or veggies. Between the USDA’s website; and The Produce for Better Health’s website; we should all be able to learn how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our diets.  On these sites, in addition to reading about the benefits different fruits and veggies provide, you will also learn how to pick out the best options at the store, how to store them once you get home for longer lasting freshness, as well as how to prepare them for meals. 

For recipe and nutritional information on Borton Fruit’s apples, pears and cherries, please check out our website;


Posted June 16, 2016

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