Borton Fruit Cherries Available!

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit is in full stream cherry harvest. Quality and color has been outstanding this season and we are packing some of the best cherries we’ve ever seen.  Multiple Dark Sweet varieties as well as Rainiers are available at this time.

Each year, Borton Fruit updates our state of the art packing lines with the newest and best technology to ensure the finest quality cherries possible. Our hydro-cooling system gets the cherries really cold before they are packed, keeping them cool during transport and extending overall shelf life.

In addition to our pouch bag update from last season, Borton Fruit introduced a new standard sized cherry box this year.  Cherry POS is also available for both Dark Sweets and Rainiers.

Please see pictures of Dark Sweet Cherries and Rainier Cherries on our pack line below. Contact your Borton Sales Representative today for availability and pricing!



Posted June 03, 2016

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