Get to know our featured employee of the month, Rick Young!

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit would like to recognize Rick Young this month for all of his hard work and dedication over the years. Rick is very valuable in all departments here at Borton Fruit as well as many other Borton Family Entities.  Next month is Rick’s 16 year anniversary here with us and we are beyond grateful for all he does.

Rick was born here in Yakima, growing up in the Wapato, Harrah area in the lower valley. He attended college at YVCC and Central, and then began his farming career with his Dad and Grandfather.  “We did open crops; mint, corn, wheat and hay.  We also ran 200 head of cows” he stated.  Rick had to sell the ranch in 1994 due to health reasons.

“I decided to apply at Apple Tree Golf Course, mainly for the Golf,” said Rick. He worked on the general maintenance crew there for about two years.  He decided to see if there were any openings over at the fruit company and he was in luck.  Rick was hired here at Borton Fruit in May of 2001 as a Town Runner for the shop.  “What started as a part’s job has turned into running to town for just about anything needed over the past 16 years,” stated Rick.  Most of Rick’s job consists of; running permits, picking-up parts, chasing papers, etc. for all Borton Family Companies in addition to Borton & Sons, Inc. 

Rick and his wife Jeri celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary in December 2016.  They have four children; Chad, Denise, Cori and Brian.  “It’s pretty special that all four of them are married and reside in the valley now,” said Rick.  “We have Sunday dinners at the house that are always memorable times with my 10 grandchildren” he went onto say.

In addition to spending time with family, Rick enjoys going on vacations. Each year they take a skiing trip during the winter, a beach vacation during the summer and pretty much anything else they can fit it. 

Rick, Thank you for everything you do for Borton Fruit and the Borton Family. You keep everything flowing, including many last minute task’s that need to be done “right now”.  Your ability to jump right on something and get the job done is something we will always appreciate about you.  We are very glad you are a part of our Borton Family.



Posted April 25, 2016

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