Washington State Tree Fruit Bloom Update from Borton Fruit

Yakima, WA – Washington State has been a beautiful site over the past couple weeks! With summer and fall crops blooming, you can’t help but want to stop along the side of the road and take in the scenery.  Borton Fruit’s bloom began with our upcoming summer cherry crop and moved into our 2016 crop apples and pears.

Ron Everts, one of our head Fieldmen has been out observing where we are at with each commodity this season, stating that, “We had usually warm spring temperatures with the bloom time happening very quickly. As a result, we are seeing areas of the state with average to light cherry crops depending on variety and rootstocks.”  Byron Borton, our Chief Visionary Officer also commented on the upcoming cherry crop; “The cherry bloom was snowball, but in the basin we are seeing the cherries setting a little lighter than we had hoped. I expect the state crop will be down some, particularly on the early southern districts.”  With cherries just starting to bud, we will be getting a better idea of what this year’s crop will look like over the next couple weeks. 

“The pears seem to have the best crop loads overall at this time. Apples need a little more time as thinning programs are well underway and at this time we have not been through the fruit ‘drop’ yet,” stated Ron Everts. Byron adds that “Apple and Pear bloom was very nice, but there are plenty of holes around the state.  We have seen some light Fuji and Honeycrisp blocks, however the Reds had a very solid bloom for the most part.”

Borton Fruit is excited for our upcoming crops and will continue evaluating where we are at until we harvest. Borton Fruit’s “Best Cultural Practices” that we implement throughout our farming operation assures we will be bringing high quality, safe products to our consumers. 

Stay tuned for more 2016 crop updates from Borton Fruit!

Posted April 22, 2016

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