Meet Guillermo Martinez, Our Featured Employee of the Month!

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit would like to recognize Guillermo Martinez for his hard work and dedication over the past 23 years. Guillermo has been a very key person in our Borton Family since he started here and we are very thankful to have so many amazing employees like him to keep our business running successfully.

Guillermo Martinez was born in Ecuandureo, Michoacan Mexico. He was raised there until he turned 18 years old.  His exposure to the fruit industry began at 15 when he started working in a warehouse packing strawberries.   Guillermo did this until he decided to come to the United States at 18.  He lived in Los Angeles for about 18 years where he met his wife Etelvina and had his first four sons.

He decided to move his family to Yakima, WA in 1993 to find a good job which brought him to us. Guillermo applied at Borton Fruit and was hired initially to work out in the field.  He spent about 4 months out there with Eddy and then was moved into the warehouse where he started as a forklift driver.  In addition to staging product and loading trucks, when harvest came he was also pulled over to help stack bins in all the cold rooms as the fruit came in.  About 5 years after beginning at Borton, Guillermo was asked to become the Shipping Supervisor and has been a lead role in our shipping department ever since.  Guillermo currently keeps track of all staging and loading of the trucks and directs the loading staff appropriately.  His influence on our shipping dock over the years has been impeccable and our guys really look up to him.

Guillermo said “Thank God for my opportunity here”. He has seen immense growth since he started his journey with Borton Fruit and has been a very large part of making this expansion successful.  When Guillermo first began loading trucks, we were loading roughly 15 trucks per day give or take.   Now he manages a team that loads roughly 60-70 trucks per day at our main plant.

Guillermo enjoys spending his time away from work with his beautiful wife Etelvina Martinez, and five Sons; Guillermo Jr., Esteban, Ivan, Oscar and Ezequiel. Guillermo also really enjoys doing fun things with his five grandchildren.

We really appreciate you Guillermo. You have taken everything thrown your way and conquered it.  We are so thankful to have you as a part of our team here at Borton Fruit.

Posted March 30, 2016

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