Get Creative and Incorporate Fruit and Veggies in your Easter Planning!

Yakima, WA – Easter Sunday is right around the corner! This Christian Holiday observes the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior, and marks the end of Holy Week.  Families come together in blessing while carrying out American traditions that include; The Easter Bunny which was introduced to America by the German immigrants who brought over their stories of an egg-laying hare, Easter Eggs which to pagan’s symbolize new life, and are incorporated by decorating them, hunting them, as well as rolling them which became an official event at the white house in 1878, Easter Parades and a lot of Easter Candy.

Easter, after Halloween, is the second best-selling candy holiday in America, which means there is a lot of room to add some healthy meals and snacks into your planning.

Here are some facts about Easter:

This Easter, keep the chocolate and candy to a minimum and incorporate some healthy fruits and vegetables into your family’s day. There are some very creative ways you can do this with any fruit or vegetable of your choosing that make it fun for the whole family. Below, you will see some creative ways to include Apples & Pears. There are also other Easter recipes in each category on our website; Fruit would like to wish everybody a Happy and Healthy Easter. We hope that with your help, we can change some of these statistics and get people incorporating healthier options in their holiday planning.

Posted March 24, 2016

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