Apples are Heart-Healthy!

Yakima, WA – Since 1963, February has been celebrated as American Heart Month to urge Americans to join the battle against heart disease. Since 2004, February also has been the signature month for the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign and the message that heart disease is not only a man’s problem.  Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.  In the United States, the most common type of heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD), which can lead to a heart attack.  You can greatly reduce your risk for CAD through specific lifestyle changes.


The American Heart Association is dedicated to educating families across America on how to reduce the risk of heart disease. You can significantly reduce your risk by making better lifestyle choices.  Some examples would be; including more physical activities in your life, quit smoking, managing your weight and stress levels, instilling healthy habits in your children at an early age, and one of the most important EAT HEALTHIER FOOD (like Apples).  The American Heart Association has many tools to help you accomplish these goals, please see following link and even sign up for their monthly newsletter!


The American Heart Association in collaboration with the American Stroke Association has put together an updated statistics and recommendation sheet for 2016. Please see link:


Through multiple studies, certain compounds in apples have been proven to decrease risk associated with heart disease as well as conditions that lead to heart disease.

Pectin is a form of soluble fiber that is shown to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. 

Quercetin is a flavonoid shown to prevent inflammation, and lower levels of C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation whose presence in the blood suggests an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.  

Phytochemicals are variety compounds that have been linked to reducing cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Polyphenol Antioxidants which are associated with being effective with lowering LDL oxidation

In addition, long-term dietary studies have shown that Apple Eaters are associated with broad metabolic advantages and had a lower risk of death from both coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. They also had the lowest risk of suffering strokes compared with non-apple eaters.  Apples have also been associated with lowering bad cholesterol by 40% just after 4 weeks of daily consumption. 

Please see all statistics above from original studies listed below:



Apples gain more exposure on the health front annually. Borton Fruit is very proud to grow, pack and sell a product that is so beneficial to the human body.  We hope all of you will increase your apple consumption and become more heart-healthy!  

Posted February 18, 2016

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