Borton Fruit's Food Safety Focus

Yakima, WA – For over 100 years, Borton Fruit has strived on providing our customers with safe, healthy products. Safety is one of our main focuses, both internally for employees, and externally for our consumers.  The following changes and improvements have been made over the course of the year to ensure Borton Fruit is a quality brand that consumers trust.  These changes are in addition to our already industry leading Food Safety Program including SQF Level 3 Certification, Global Gap Certification, quarterly microbial verification and internal audit and training programs for GMP’s, HACCP and SSOP’s.

Borton has implemented new and more rigorous Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) and advanced HACCP Programs based on a sanitary food processing model and internal verifications and validation. Some examples would be our new Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s) including pre-operational ATP swab verification for cleaning procedures, new standing water SOP, new CA room drip pan monitoring program, new packaging inspection and removal procedures, as well as monitoring GMP compliance and maintenance of floors and the addition of Food Safety monitors on shift daily. 

Due to recent food safety activity throughout the industry, Borton & Sons, Inc. has implemented weekly listeria testing with third party validation which began the first of the year. We have also started a new monthly environmental monitoring program to replace the quarterly microbial verification, meaning we’ll be increasing our number of microbial swabs by more than 1500% annually.

In addition to the Food processing implementations, Borton Fruit has also put focus into advancing employee safety. We’ve updated our CPR/First aid training, advanced HACCP training, as well as updated forklift certifications and safety training for both the warehouse and field.  A new Injury Reduction Program has been put in place that’s designed to recognize employees and shifts which perform their job in a safe and efficient manner.  Our overall goal is to support a healthier and safer work environment for Borton employees.

Weekly GMP/Employee Safety Inspection procedures have been put together to ensure all of these new processes are happening. Findings will be evaluated monthly (unless urgent) at safety meetings and by Senior Management.

It is our goal at Borton Fruit to make sure we are providing the safest fruit possible. As this industry continues evolving, so will our practices to guarantee we remain an industry leader.



Posted February 10, 2016

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