Meet Jose Luis Aguilar, our Featured Employee of the Month!

Yakima, WA – Borton & Sons, Inc. would like to feature another key person in our company this month, Jose Luis Aguilar. Jose Luis has been with Borton for 25 years this year, making him a very valuable employee within our business.

Jose Luis was born in 1965 in Dos Aguas Michuacan, Mexico. He moved to the states on 1987 due to lack of work in Mexico. His first job after moving to Los Angeles was working as a cook at a taco wagon which he did for about a year. He was then hired as a Fire Safety Assistant and took care of maintenance on Fire Extinguishers until he moved to Yakima in 1990.

Upon arrival to Yakima, Jose Luis started working in the field for a grower in the Wapato area. He picked Apples, Pears and Cherries for about a year and decided he’d rather work on the other side of the business in the packing shed.  In 1991, he came to Borton inquiring a job in the warehouse.  “I got here at 7:00AM and asked to see the supervisor about a job.  I waited until 11:00AM. When he saw I was still there, he asked me if I really wanted to work and I said yes, so he gave me a broom and I started that same day sweeping the cold rooms” stated Jose Luis.

Jose Luis worked his way up from there. He did some janitorial tasks until he ended up working through all aspects on the packing line.  He proved to be such a hard worker and was promoted to be a line supervisor in 2000.  Jose Luis is now in charge of our night shift lines and oversees roughly 250 employees.  Some of Jose Luis’s daily tasks consist of dealing with employee situations, production on the lines, quality control, and much more.

Jose Luis enjoys singing and playing instruments. He has three beautiful daughters and enjoys spending time with them as well as watching them play soccer.  “I’m very thankful to John Borton for the opportunity and trust he has given me all these years.  I’m also very thankful to Martin Medina who has taught me everything about this industry I know” proclaimed Jose Luis.

Thank You Jose Luis for your 25 years of dedication and hard work. We appreciate your leadership and ability to get anything done that is thrown your direction.  You are very valuable to us here at Borton and we are grateful to have you here as a part of our team.





Posted January 19, 2016

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