Make Increasing Apple Consumption one of Your New Year Lifestyle Changes!

Yakima, WA – As we welcome 2016, most of us will find a few New Year Resolutions that we’ll try to conquer for the better part of the year. Some will last and others won’t, and then we go into the next doing the same thing.  It becomes this redundant cycle unless we actually make lifestyle changes, not just resolutions.  Here at Borton Fruit, we feel one of the most important steps to living an all-around healthy life is to increase our daily fruit and vegetable consumption, and it doesn’t get much easier than grabbing an apple to eat every day!

Studies over the years have provided information about the benefits of many different fruits and vegetables. Some commonalities; most are high in fiber, low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals, and many tie in with reducing the risk of different types of diseases.  Our friends at the Produce for Better Health Foundation have done a fabulous job on their website of providing factual information tying into these facts along with many more.  Increasing our fruit and veggie consumption could benefit each of us in so many ways.  To learn why you should increase your consumption along with tips on how to do so, please see the PBH’s website;  With many different recipes, meal planning ideas, storage tips on how to keep your produce fresh longer, and factual nutritional information, you should be able to tackle your 2016 lifestyle change without any setbacks!

 Borton Fruit strives on growing, packing and selling healthy products that benefit our consumers in so many ways.  Being Apples are available year round, aiming to start with them while working on increasing your consumption is a smart choice!  Not only are there so many different varieties to try, but they are much too convenient to pass up. 

According to the U.S. Apple Association, recent research links apple nutrients to an impressive range of health benefits such as:

Weight Loss – Boosting

Brain Health – Alzheimer’s Disease as well as Neurodegenerative Diseases

Cancers – Breast, Pancreatic, Colon and Liver, Prostate as well as Bowel Cancers

Metabolic Syndrome – Lower blood pressure

Benefits from Antioxidants

Lung health – childhood and adult asthma, chronic cough and lung cancer

Heart Health – Reduced Mortality, fiber and cardiovascular disease, LDL Oxidation

Immunity – Helps strengthen the immune system

Gut health – digestion

With additional studies being done each year, these Apple’s just keep gaining more and more recognition on how good for you they truly are. Make one of your New Year lifestyle changes increasing your apple consumption!

From all here at Borton Fruit, we wish you A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!



Posted December 29, 2015

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